IWS PRO XL System.

The IWS PRO XL System is the big brother to the IWS PRO systems that we all know and love.

with Larger 20L root pruning pots and 21L outer pots and T bigger 31L Brain bucket you can achieve even bigger root zones and yields!

  • 25mm pipe
  • 4000 L/h drain pump to speed up drainage
  • Larger pots for even bigger roots!
  • 31l brain bucket decreases flood cycle time
  • Precision timer to dial in watering times
  • use any growing media you like


Choose system

6 pot system 250L rez, 12 pot system 400L rez, 18 pot system 400L rez, 24 pot system 750L rez, 36 pot system 750L rez, 48 pot system 1000L rez