Oxypot Systems



Oxypot Systems

The Oxypot Systems are a great way to utilize Deep Water Culture (DWC).

The self contained reservoir keeps the system compact, but without compromising on performance! using just a handful of clay pebbles and a tank of nutrients you can grow some MONSTER plants!

With the Oxypot there are a range of options to suit your requirements from the single plant systems up to the 9 plant system there is something to suit everyone.

  • Cost effective grow systems
  • minimal waste as your medium is re-usable
  • Amazing plant growth and yields
  • True hydroponics system.
  • Available in Multiple Configurations
  • systems are supplied without Air pumps and stones

System options:-

Full Cycle Systems, from veg to flower for large plants

Oxypot XL   – 2 plant System

70L tank

2 x net pots

1 x hole cover

Oxypot XL+ – 1 large plant System

70l tank

1 x 1 x large 6.5l net pot

2 x hole covers

Oxypot 4     – 4 plant system

110L tank

4 x net pots

Veg Systems designed for starting your large plants off or growing smaller plants full cycle

Oxypot V6 – 6 plant veg system

70l tank

6 x net pots

Oxypot V9 – 9 plant veg system

110l tank

9 x net pots

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Oxypot XL, Oxypot XL+, Oxypot 4, Oxypot V6, Oxypot V9

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