Fan speed controllers will give you the ability to control your fan speeds in your growing area and will help to keep your environment in the ideal range to bring the most out of your plants.

We would recommend oversized extractor fans that are capable of moving more air than is needed. The larger fans are fantastic at moving more air during the summer which may be needed but then in the winter due to the fan speed controller the fans will slow down maintaining temperatures in your Grow Room, without a fan speed controller your fans will run faster than needed which will lower the temperature and your plants may get to cold and possibly shocked from the cold temperatures.

We stock a fan speed controller to suit every indoor garden and every budget, with a great selection of AC fan controllers to EC fan controllers we have you covered, Plug one in today to see fantastic results.


What is negative pressure?

Negative pressure is when you have more air leaving your grow room than what is coming in, this is needed to make sure any unwanted smells go through your carbon filter while scrubbing the air in your grow room to remove any dust particles, mould spores etc. Take a look at our fan speed controllers today

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