XTray Flood and Drain Kit



XTray Flood and Drain Kit

The XTray Flood and Drain kit 4′ x 4′ have all you need for a clean, and professional gardening set up. They include X-Tray flood and drain tray, X-Tray water tank, XTray stand, commercial drain and hose with Trellis system as an option. All components are of the highest quality and a level of durability unmatched in the industry.

The Classic series features true, full-size dimensions and volume to provide maximum growing area. The multi-level grooved irrigation channels promote fast and thorough drainage.

The rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Our versatile trays include multi-drain positions and water level markers on the inside walls. XTrays hydroponic reservoirs are designed to the same standard as their trays with volume capacities to match the size of each hydroponic setup.

3 x 3 tray (50G reservoir) 4 x 4 tray (50G reservoir) 6 x 3 tray (75G reservoir) 8 x 4 tray (100G reservoir).

XTray stands are supplied with long and short legs allowing workers to work comfortably from a seated or standing position. The stand design allows proper air movement and increased airflow beneath the benches. This helps reduce humidity and increase air flow.

XTray Flood and Drain Tray Complete kit 4′ x 4′ Kit includes

  • XTray 4 x 4 tray
  • XTray 50g reservoir
  • XTray Stand Commercial drain and hose
  • Trellis system
  • Can be used with pots or rockwool cubes

Designed for hydroponic systems, the flood and drain table is filled with nutrient-rich water and regularly drained to remove the excess solution.

The excess water drains away, while air is drawn around the plant roots. The process is controlled by a timer and pump.

The XTrays are the most advanced hydroponic tray systems, employing original design features and improvements to provide better water control.



3 x 3 Full Kit, 4 x 4 Full Kit, 4 x 2 Full Kit, 6 x 3 Full Kit, 8 x 4 Full Kit