HotBox Superb Heater 2.8kw



HotBox Superb Fan Heater

The HotBox Superb Heater is a 2.8kW electronic Fan Heater With Winter and Summer settings can help to keep your Grow Room cool or warm depending on the season.

The HotBox Heater is a must have for any grower looking to control their environment especially through the colder months of the year, complete with hanging hooks to save valuable floor space.

Maintaining a stable temperature is one of the key points to having a succsessful Hydroponic garden, We would recommend aiming to keep Lights on temperature at around 26°C and Lights off temperature at around 20°C for optimal results aswell as using a Fan Speed Controller to help you maintain your environment.

Benefits of using the HotBox  superb Heater

  • Half and full heat settings ensures maximum fuel economy
  • Fan only setting use purely for air circulation
  • Fitted with feet and hanging loops easy to install in the optimum position
  • High output fan (250cfm, 450m3/hr) removes air quickly and efficiently
  • Remote temperature sensor ensures accurate control
  • Stainless steel construction with sealed elements built to withstand challenging, humid conditions

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