Wind King Oscillating Wall Fan



The Wind King Oscillating Wall Fan is a 3-Speed, mountable wall fan that keeps a gentle breeze moving through your grow room. Excellent for helping keep down heat and humidity in your grow room. Circulating the air in your Grow Room is crucial to helps get rid of warm and cold spots.

The Wind King’s revolutionary “O” pattern formation provides superior air circulation and coverage to your work environment. It uses only the highest quality gear construction giving you unheard of reliability.

Benefits of the Wind King Fan

  • Oscillating Pattern: the fan has a continuous smooth motion, putting much less stress on the internal gears
  • 3-speed settings
  • Gentle circulation: use multiple wall-mount fans to keep air moving in your grow room without damaging your plants
  • “O” shaped circular oscillation movement
  • Wall mounted to save floor space
  • High quality components
  • 5 blades for increased airflow

Air movement in your room helps strengthen your plants aswell as helping with hot spots, keeping temperature and humidity down, for the best results position the Wind King Oscillating Wall Fan between the tops of your plants and your Grow light to keep temperature down and stop condensation forming on flowers during the cooler periods which will result in Fungus and grey mould. ( We would always recommend using a heater during lights off period )


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