Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat.

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is comprised of a wireless remote sensor unit that controls a separate plugin switch module. The unit can be set to switch on an electrical appliance when the temperature goes above or below the user-set level. The sensor unit wirelessly turns the plugin switch on allowing power through to whatever is plugged into the front of it. For example, this system could be used to switch on an additional fan when garden temperatures get too warm. It can also be set to switch on a heater if temperatures get too cold. This is all with the convenience of no cables being required to link the 2 parts. The unit can switch up 3000 watts (3KW) which is more than adequate for just about any fan or an oil-filled radiator. The remote sensor can be placed anywhere up to 20 metres away in an open area.

  • Wireless Thermostat controls a remote plugin switch
  • Can switch up 3000 Watts (3KW) – the equivalent of 13 Amps of UK mains electricity
  • The remote temperature sensor unit can be placed up to 20 metres away (in an open area)
  • The thermostat can be set to be switched on when temps get too warm
    Or it can be set to switch on a heater when temps get too cold
  • Switchable between Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales
  • Can be set to switch at any temperature between 0°C – 70°C (32°F – 158°F) in 1° increment
  • Override function allows the user to force the switch to turn On or Off regardless of temperature
  • One sensor can control multiple switches
  • Displays the current temperature and the user-set target temperature
  • Built-in clock displays day and time
  • The display has an auto switch-off function after 10 seconds to save battery power
  • Sensor requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

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