Power Si Silicic Acid



Power Si Silicic Acid

Power Si Silicic Acid Original is a very high quality silicon additive that will give your plants many advantages in the grow room.

Unlike many other silicon dioxide products, Power Si uses a highly available matrix for rapid uptake and fast, visible effects.

Silicon is quite often the missing link in indoor plant cultivation and using it in a very usable source can make a huge impact on the quality of the plants. Silica is instrumental in the strengthening of plant cell walls, leading to thicker stems and tougher plant fibres. This creates a great scaffold for the plant to grow a heavy yield and be able to support it.

Power Si Silicic Acid also helps in defence against insect and pathogen attack.  When Power Si is used cell walls are much harder to bite into and penetrate, this deters insects, or at the very least leaves them unable to damage the plant rapidly.

Power Si Original also assists in reducing salt build up, preventing dehydration and giving better environmental stress protection.

How to use Power Si

  • General use – 1ml per 7.5 litres of water
  • Foliar Spray (maintenance) – 1ml per litre of water
  • Foliar Spray (repair) – 2 ml per litre of water
  • Special (Slow vertical growth) – 1ml per 3 litres of water



250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L