BioBizz Leaf-Coat



BioBizz Leaf-Coat.

BioBizz Leaf-Coat is a ready-to-use product that strengthens the plant and protects the plant against unwanted insects and molds. Leaf-Coat is a product made from natural latex that was developed to restrain evaporation.

Within a few hours after application, a very thin elastic layer forms around the leaves.

This natural latex creates a protective, permeable, self-degradable layer on the leaf, while at the same time it allows the passage of air and light.

This thin layer is however effective enough to protect the plant against pests and diseases.

Leaf-Coat does not have to be mixed with water and is ready for use straight from the bottle. For the best results we advise to apply Leaf-Coat by using an atomizer. Spray the leaves and flowers of the plant completely, repeat this about two times a week and can be used till two weeks before the end of the flowering period.

BioBizz Leaf-Coat will not be absorbed by the leaves thus will not affect the taste of the fruit.

Protection layer that is formed by BioBizz Leaf-Coat

When the plants are in an atmosphere that is too hot and humid (over 28 degrees Celsius), the plants can lose a great quantity of water by evaporation through the leaves.

By using Leaf-Coat a layer of natural latex is formed around the leaf, which avoids the plant from sweating.

using Leaf-coat in winter will protect the leaves against cold.  The natural latex formed helps to maintain the temperature.

Weight 1 kg

500ml spray bottle, 500ml Refill, 1L, 5L