House & Garden Magic Green



House & Garden Magic Green

House & Garden Magic Green is a new and improved foliar spray! It contains an optimized formula of mineral and organic complex that is used to increase vitality in green leafy growth. This ensures that the plants get what they need for a successful flowering period. Use on rooted sprouts, cuttings, and mother plants up to twice a week during the growth phase. Foliage will turn to a vibrant, dark green colour and a waxy layer will form on the leaves.

Benefits of using Magic Green

  • Promotes lush vegetative growth
  • Provides leaves with a thin waxy layer of protection
  • Dissolves any discoloration caused by nutrient deficiencies
  • Ensures fast and effective growth
  • Use in vegetative period only

Dilution rate

Dosage 1 – 3 ml/1L


Mix Magic Green into a spray bottle at a dosage rate of 2ml/L with water. It should be applied to cuttings, young vegetative plants and mother plants up to twice a week during their growth phase at a lighter dose. Users should consider using Magic green after they have successfully exterminated pests or other eliminated other major stresses for their plants.

Note: The next day after application users should see the leaves pointed up with increased turgidity, looking ‘happier’ and richer in colour. Magic Green is organic based, and contains; molasses, kelp, beneficial bacteria and micro-nutrients.


250ml, 500ml, 1L

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