Biobizz Coco Mix 50L


Probably the best, 100% organic coco coir product on the market.

Biobizz Coco Mix 50L is made from waste materials left over by the coconut industry, which has proven to be an ideal medium for growing plants.

To become this famous substrate, the coco coir matter is first decomposed over a period of time to soften the strong fibres.

This is then washed in clear water, dried and shredded to become light and airy Coco·Mix – which contains little moisture and a neutral pH.

How to use Biobizz Coco Mix

Biobizz Coco Mix 50L works well plugged into pots as a rock wool replacement for growing all kinds of hydroponic crops – simply fill small pots with plugs of Coco·Mix.

It’s compatible with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh All·Mix or other soil mixtures and improve aereation.

Combine it with Biobizz products such Root·Juice, Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Top Max, and  and look forward to boosting the quality and yield of your plants.

Why should i use Biobizz coco?

  • 100% organic, OMRI listed coco coir substrate
  • Coco fibres allowed to decompose, then cleaned and shredded
  • Can be used with Your usual nutrient range & supplements
  • Coco-coir is a proven growth substrate that allows plants to thrive
  • Provides an ideal, moist and airy rooting medium
  • Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • Easy to use
  • Free of pathogens and diseases
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