Tropic CocoMix 50L



Tropic Cocomix 50L

70% Coco 30% Perlite

Tropic CocoMix 50L comes Enhanced with 30% perlite, The premium coco offers the perfect balance of aeration, drainage, and water retention. Perlite helps water travel deeper into the substrate, boosting nutrient absorption and increasing drainage efficiency.

Its highly porous structure promotes oxygenation to support healthy root growth. A naturally low EC gives you full control over plant nutrition, allowing you to fine-tune your feed to maximize growth and ensure consistent results.

This fully sustainable medium suits a wide range of plants and growing methods.

Key Features of  Tropic CocoMix

  • Premium 70/30 Cocomix
  • Superior Drainage
  • Maximum Aeration
  • PH: 5,8 (5,3-6,3)
  • EC: 0,8 (0,6-1,0) mS/CM


Why use Coco Coir

Coco coir is short for Coconut Coir and this grow media is made from actual coconut fibres.

Coconut coir is created when old coconut shells are cured for one week. After the curing process, steel combs go over the coconut and remove the fibre, and then the fibre is dried out.

The coir fibre is then moulded into coco coir bricks, coco pots, coco mats, or simply sold as loose coco fibre in bags.

Coco coir is a popular alternative to peat moss, which is often found in many “soilless” grow media mixes.

Benefits Of Coco Coir?

This versatile plant-growing media is widely used in gardening and horticulture for several beneficial reasons.

Water Retention

It has great water-holding capacity, which means it can retain a large amount of water without becoming waterlogged. This property is particularly beneficial for keeping plant roots moist.

Coco coir’s ability to retain water for a long time makes watering your plants a less frequent task.


The structure of coco coir allows for excellent aeration. Coco provides oxygen to plant roots, which is crucial for healthy root development.

Neutral pH

Generally, coco coir is pH neutral. This means it won’t alter the soil acidity or alkalinity, making it suitable for a wide range of plants.

Disease and Pest Resistant

Coco coir is resistant to various pests, fungi, and diseases, which helps reduce the risk of plant illnesses.

Versatile Use

It can be used in various forms – like compressed coco bricks, chips, or loose. Coco coir is popular in hydroponics, seed starting, soil amending, and container gardening.

If you mix coco coir with regular potting soil, you’ll be able to help supercharge your plant growth.

Coco fibre is also often used as an amendment for clay soils or sandy soils. Coconut fibre adds organic matter and improves moisture and nutrient retention.

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