Airfan Thermo box fans



Airfan Thermo box fans.

The AIRfan Thermo Box fans are an updated version of the classic MDF Box fans that have been so popular for many years. This new Version has been made lighter, quieter and much prettier than its predecessor and will make a great addition to any grow room, or any other area that needs extraction for that matter, they are available in different airflows and to fit different ducting/filter sizes.


Key Features.

Light weight

Shock absorbing (Memory effect)

Thermal insulation and vibration dampering / isolation

Tolerated temperature (-40 to 110 deg C)



Resistant to fire and chemicals

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250mm 3250 cm/hr, 315mm 3250 cm/hr, 315mm 4250 cm/hr, 315mm 7000 cm/hr