C Vault Storage Containers



C Vault Storage Containers

The C Vault Curing and Storage Containers facilitates the curing and storage up to 1000 gr (1 kg) of herbs such as spices, tobacco etc. These lightweight containers provide an extremely durable storage method for your valuable herbs.

C Vault Guarantees to keep your herbs fresh.

Manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and featuring a 1/4 inch silicone seal these airtight, lightproof storage containers offer the very best in herb preservation. Use in conjunction with Boveda or integra boost humidity control packs.

The C Vault container has a specially-designed latch system to keep all of the smell and goodness in and unregulated air out. This lid also has storage space for Humidity packs. Stackable to save space.

Additional Secondary Zip Tie Securing System (Great for Long Distance Delivery Securing)

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4-8g, 7-14g, 28g, 50-56g, 80-115, 225g, 450g, 1000g