Adjusta-Watt Retro 720w LED Grow Light



Adjusta-Watt Retro 720w LED Grow Light.

The Adjusta-Watt Retro 720w LED Grow Light range is a great choice for someone wanting to make the move over from hps to LED grow lights without breaking the bank.

Hps ballast driven LED’s are Extremely popular with our customers Mainly due to the low price compared to other ‘premium’ model LED units.

Adjusta-watt have now released a controllable ballast that can be attached to the Adjusta-Watt Link-30 Lighting Controller to give you great control over lighting schedules, dimming and safety shut-offs all features that were previously reserved for the ‘Premium/commercial’ Lighting fixtures.


Product Features

  • Can use your existing digital ballast
  • Average PPFD of 1231µmol/s/m²
  • Measures 900mm x 900mm
  • Supplied with hangers
  • available as ‘fixture only’ ‘fixture and eco ballast’ or ‘Fixture and controllable Eco ballast’
  • *Controller sold separately




Choose option

LED Fixture only, LED Fixture with Eco Ballast, LED Fixture with Controllable Eco Ballast