Vitalink Buddy 1 litre



VitaLink Buddy is a low concentrate phosphorus and potassium (PK) flowering supplement that has been specifically developed to use throughout the bloom phase from week 3 through to week 8.

Buddy also contains additional magnesium and sulphur, these elements support the phosphorus and potassium to not only enhance the overall health of the plant, but also improve the quality, size and abundance of fruits and flowers, meaning final yields will be higher quality.

VitaLink recommend to stop using Buddy during weeks 5 & 6, switch to VitaLink’s new PK 13/14 supplement, then go back to using Buddy until the final week of flowering until flush.


  • Supports quality of the plant
  • Boosts yield
  • Improves flowering and fruiting quality
  • Enhances plant health
  • Faster, better results
  • Low concentrated PK solution – Buddy can be used throughout a longer period; from bloom week 3 until bloom week 8

Directions of use:

Week 3-5: 0.5ml per litre
Week 5-8: 1ml per litre