Veg Bloom Tap/Hard Base



Veg Bloom Tap/Hard Base.

VEG+BLOOM TAP/HARD one part hard water nutrient TAP/HARD is great for all hydroponic applications such as rockwool and grow stones. Being a more acidic formula, specifically for neutralizing alkaline water supply, (200+PPMS or 0.4-0.7 EC). When you dissolve VEG+BLOOM in to your final volume of water, the solutions now contains essential nutrients for maximum growth potential. VEG+BLOOM base nutrients and additives are a complete formula that incorporate all the essential building blocks to grow a healthy plant in all phases of its life-cycle. Nothing else is needed besides a CalMag source and pH buffers. The base includes: calcium, magnesium, beneficial bacteria/fungi, anti-scaling agents, sugars, nitrogen, potassium, silica and phosphorous to name a few. This product was created for its simplicity and exceptional results. The base nutrients were specifically formulated for different mediums, growing systems and water qualities.

  • For use with Hard tap water
  • powdered base nutrient
  • amazing results
  • Great for experienced growers
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