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Tropic Batmix 50L

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Tropic Batmix 50L

Tropic Batmix brings you a meticulously crafted blend, combining 60% fine Irish peat with 40% high-grade coco. This unique fusion offers an exceptional equilibrium between aeration and moisture retention, setting the stage for thriving plants. To kickstart your growth journey, we’ve enriched it with Guanokalong bat guano.


Balanced Aeration and Moisture:
Batmix strikes the perfect balance, fostering optimal root development by ensuring both essential aeration and water-holding capacity.

Guanokalong Bat Guano Magic:
Our secret ingredient, Guanokalong Bat Guano, brings a natural touch to the mix. Derived from the ancient excrement of bats, it’s celebrated for its diverse nutrient profile, soil-enhancing properties, and remarkable growth-boosting effects.

The Power of Phosphorus:
Bat guano is renowned for its high phosphorus content, a vital element for robust root systems, sturdy stems, and prolific flowering and fruiting. It’s not just phosphorus; guano also packs nitrogen, potassium, and calcium, all fundamental for plant vitality.

pH-Perfect Environment:
We’ve buffered Batmix to maintain a stable pH of 6.0, creating an environment where your plants can thrive. Furthermore, it contains ample calcium and magnesium, offering the benefits of a CalMag supplement.

Sustained Nutrition:
Batmix provides a nutrient reserve that sustains your plants for approximately two weeks, giving you a strong start on your growing journey.

Why Choose Guano?

Guanokalong Bat Guano has been revered for centuries for its ability to enrich soil, stimulate microbial activity, and drive impressive growth rates. Its positive impact extends to enhanced water retention, improved drainage, and fortified disease resistance.

How to Use Tropic Batmix:

Using Tropic Batmix is a breeze. Fill your pot, leaving an inch or two from the top, place your plant, and water generously. Only water when the soil shows signs of dryness to prevent root rot. Boost resistance with a microbial supplement like Biosys. For at least two weeks, your plants won’t require any additional nutrients.

Achieve Rooting Excellence with Tropic Batmix 50L.

Let your plants flourish in a medium that harmoniously combines the best of both peat and coco, fortified with the richness of Guanokalong Bat Guano. Elevate your growing experience with Tropic Batmix – pH-perfect, nutrient-rich, and ready to nurture your plants to greatness.