Trim Buddy Table Trimmer V.2


Trim Buddy Table Trimmer V.2

The Trim Buddy Table Trimmer V.2 have been designed for the hobbiest right through to the commercial grower. They are designed to take the hassle out of trimming. By utilising the Trim buddy Trimmers growers can reduce labour costs significantly whilst producing a consistent quality finish.

Trim Buddy trimmers are the most thought out table trimmers on the market. They offer huge value for money when compared to the competition.

Superbly simple and extremely good at what it does. The Trim Buddy Table Trimmer V2. has had some major upgrades.

  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Blades
  • New Safety Covers
  • Recessed Screws
  • New Carry Bag

Offering Excellent Value For Money

The Table Trimmer is one of our most popular products because it offers incredible value for money.

Flowers are rolled over the surface of the grill, leaves are sucked down and removed by the razor sharp spinning blades. Flowers can then be broken down into individual flowers or hung to dry.

Adjustable height removes the backache associated with the V1. Recessed fittings allow for the closest cut, without damaging the flowers, of any automated trimmer on the market.

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