Square Pot Saucers 21cm²-42cm²



Square Pot Saucers 21cm²-42cm²

Square Pot Saucers 21cm²-42cm² are ideal for placing your pots in to catch the run-off from watering, this prevents any liquids from creating a mess on the floor of your grow area and also lets you easily collect the run-off for testing PH and EC to make sure you know what the plant is using or needs at certain times of its life. they are made from a rigid plastic so that the pot stands nicely allowing for run-off to drain freely. Always empty the run-off from the saucer to stop the media soaking up the wastewater/nutrient solution

  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong, rigid plastic
  • Makes testing run-off easy
  • Perfect for any type of Square pot, FabricPlastic pots

Pot saucer size guide.

21cm Saucer – 15.5cm Pots

25cm Saucer – 19cm Pots

29cm Saucer – 22cm Pots

33cm Saucer – 25cm Pots

42cm Saucer – 31.5cm Pots

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Saucer Size

21cm², 25cm², 29cm², 33cm², 42cm²