Spray2Grow Spidermite protection spray



Spray2Grow Spidermite protection Spray

Spray2Grow Spidermite protection spray is a foliar spray concentrate that naturally protects your plants against spider mites, proving to be safe for use at any stage of growth thanks to its organic composition. If you’re unlucky enough to experience an infestation, the product will help treat the outbreak, then aid with the restoration process and also deliver a boost to increase recovery time.

Packed full of plant extracts (such as garlic – which spider mites hate), saponins and salts, Spray2Grow Spidermite successfully enables your crop to combat spider mites in all forms – eggs, larvae and full grown adults! The nutritional elements present in the concentrate serve to promote plant health and vitality as well as a pest-free environment. Apply at a dilution rate of 50ml per Litre (one 500ml bottle makes up 10L of spray solution).

Benefits of Spray2Grow Spidermite protection spray

  • Highly effective foliar spray for pest control
  • Offers natural protection against spider mites
  • Completely safe to use throughout a crop
  • Helps treat outbreaks
  • Aids restoration after an infestation
  • Packed full of plant extracts, saponins and salts
  • Kills eggs, larvae and adults
  • Contains a mild nutrient that improves plant health
  • Dilutes at a rate of 50ml per Litre

How does it work?

Spider Mite Protection Spray’s proprietary formula includes several plant extracts (like garlic extract) and salts. The combination of these ingredients provide effective protection against spider mites in all stages. With the addition of a foliar nutrient, our spray ensures that plants also get an additional boost to help the plant recover from a mite infestation quicker.