SolisTek 315w CMH Fixture



SolisTek 315w CMH Fixture

The SolisTek 315w CMH Fixture is the world’s leading 315w CMH lighting system this system produces some of the highest PAR per watt figures ever seen. 40% More PAR than budget options

The brand new Solis Tek 315w C1 CMH system represents many years developing the perfect horticultural lighting system. Now first choice, for award winning, medical, commercial and professional growers across the world – Solis Tek’s C1 CMH system can be used as a stand alone fixture, or linked together with the controller, Solis-Tek manufacture horticultural equipment in the USA and use cutting-edge technology to provide the most advanced, lighting equipment in the world.

The Solis Tek C1 system comprises of an ultra high-output, evenly distributing, built in CMH reflector, an inbuilt Ultra High Frequency Solis Tek 315w digital CMH ballast, and Ultra High output 315w CMH 4200k Solis Tek CMH lamp.

  • Produces consistent amounts of full-spectrum light for strong healthy plants
  • Features a low heat signature, Ignition Control, Sense Smart and Soft Start technology, to protect your fixture from in rush currents.
  • Low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and low frequency ballast, improves overall efficiency and lamp life
  • The SolisTek C1+ Reflector with mirror finish will help spread more light around your grow area.
  • Daisy-chain ability allows you to run multiple fixtures in series (up to 8 units total)
  • Can be controlled via the SolisTek Lighting Controller if running more than 2 lights
  • Includes SolisTek 315w CMH 4200K full spectrum lamp, with a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with 3-year manufactures warranty
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