SMC Spidermite control



SMC Spidermite Control

SMC Spidermite control Spider mites which are a common plant pest which if left untreated can have deadly effects on household and garden plants. Look out for small, red bugs, and yellow or brown spots on the leaves. In more severe cases, entire leaves may turn yellow and stop growing.

General pesticides are ineffective on spider mites and will only end up killing the beneficial insects that help to keep them at bay. A natural remedy like Spider Mite Control is highly preferable, as it stays kind to weak plants and the life forms protecting them.

Strengthens plant immune systems

As well as protecting against harmful insects, Spidermite Control allows plants to become more resistant to them on their own. The thin film of oil acts as second skin, making leaves tougher against pest bites and allowing them to stay strong, healthy, and attractive in the meantime.

Where to use SMC Spidermite Control?

The all-natural formula makes Spidermite Control a highly versatile and safe product. Apply to any of the following which may be exhibiting signs of Spider mite infestation: household and garden plants; fruits and vegetables; herbs; orchids; trees. Always use according to dilution instructions and avoid spraying onto flowers.

It is safe for use in the home and outside, as well as in growing environments such as tents and greenhouses.

How to use SMC Spidermite Control?

This bottle of concentrate will provide up to 4 litres of solution for use.

Shake product well before use. Dilute 25ml of concentrate solution for every 1 litre of water. Spray in a fine mist onto the leaves of garden plants, orchids, or fruits and vegetables.

There is no need for further action: just wait for the spray to take effect. Spidermite Control is suitable both for active and preventative use: if using to prevent infestations or re-infestations, we recommend that it is used weekly.

Make sure that your plants are not directly under a bright light source at any point during use as this may cause burn spots. Avoid spraying flowers.

When to use Spidermite Control?

SMC Spidermite Control is suitable for any point in the growth process and can be applied from seedling until harvest.

Why choose Spidermite Control?

Because of their size, spider mites are hard to spot with the naked eye, but can cause devastating effects if left undetected. They thrive in warm environments, which poses a problem in summer months and year-round if you use a greenhouse or grow tent. Spider mites are related to spiders, so the presence of tiny webs may indicate an infestation.


Spidermite Control uses an oil-based formula to suffocate spider mites and their eggs. Not only will this kill existing infestations, it prevents new ones from hatching and causing the problem all over again. It also contains coriander extract, which is known for its antibacterial properties and acts as a natural deterrent to pests. The product leaves no harmful residue and is safe for use around children and pets.

  • 100% natural pest solution
  • Will not harm beneficial insects
  • Contains no pesticides or chemicals
  • Spray and leave application
  • Highly concentrated
  • Safe for use on plants, fruits, and vegetables




100ml, 300ml, 750ml spray