Shogun Silicon



Shogun Silicon

Shogun Silicon protects and fortifies your plants against attack from both disease and pests whilst also strengthening the very structure of the plant. Extremely concentrated and designed for maximum plant uptake, Shogun Silicon creates significantly enhanced cell wall strength that provides the basis for strong healthy development and maximum environmental resistance.


  • Contains concentrated and highly refined potassium silicate
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption rates
  • Shogun Silicon can form stable Silicilic acid in your nutrient solution for various plant benefits
  • Increases plants ability to deal with heat and stress
  • Can be used in any medium or Grow System
  • Increases plant resistance to disease and pests
  • Unbeatable industry dilution rate for a silicon product
  • Can be used to raise the pH of your nutrient solution
  • Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L


Root Feed – Add plain water to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Then add Silicon at a rate of 1mL/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Before adding the nutrient, reduce the pH to just below 7 and then add your additives and nutrients. Repeat method for tank change/refill. Use throughout the life of the crop.

Guaranteed Analysis: Element

Potassium (K2O) – 4.6
Silicon (Si) – 1.4


Including Silicon in your nutrient feed schedule means that your plant can uptake this element into the cell walls of your plant. Multiply this effect into every cell in your plant and it becomes quite easy to see how adding it can increase durability, strength and physical resistance to disease and pests. It won’t “definitely” protect your plants from any potential problems, but it does increase resistance to things like heat stress and pest invasion as well as decreasing the likelihood of rot or mildew issues actually getting into your plant and causing problems.


Silicic acid is a weak acid that forms when Shogun Silicon is dissolved in water. It exists as this in solutions with a pH less than 7. Above 7, it dissociates into the silicate anion that can react with Calcium and Magnesium to cause nutrient solution clouding.


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250ml, 1L, 5L

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