Secret Jardin Monkey Fans



Secret Jardin Monkey Fans

Secret Jardin Monkey Fans is a Fan that has been built specifically for use in grow tents and rooms. Equipped with a pole mounting system for easy fixing to tent poles. The fan measures 21cm which is great for tents when you’re looking to get a bit more airflow. An oscillating motor enables the fan to move from side to side giving much better air movement.

Equipped with a non-slip pole mounting attachment, this consists of a plastic clip and a metal hook which secures the Secret Jardin Monkey fans to the tent pole. The Monkey Fan was designed for use in tents with poles measuring 16-21mm but can also be used in tents with 25mm poles.

Air movement is crucial to ensuring a successful harvest, Air needs to move inside your Grow Tent to help reduce stale, humid, damp conditions that could result in condensation forming on your flowers and creating mould. The Secret Jardin monkey fan clips on to your tent pole moving air thus preventing any problems that can occur. This Fan also saves floor space leaving you to grow more plants in the same space.

Benefits of using the Monkey Fan

  • Attach the fan directly to your grow tent poles saving time and space
  • Sturdy pole attachment
  • 2-speed settings
  • Low power consumption of 20 watts
  • Can be used with grow tent poles between 16-25mm
  • Comes pre-wired with U.K plug
  • Oscillating for better air movement
  • Available in 16w static fan, 20w oscillating and 30w static.

16w Static fan, 20w Oscillating fan, 30w Static fan

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