Rox Flower Enhancer 1L


Rox Flower Enhancer

Rox Flower Enhancer 1L is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance flowering in all flowering plants. Rox will greatly increase the yield, quality and appeal of your plants. Use Rox from the 21st day of Flower alongside your normal base nutrients for two weeks. Shake well before use.

Benefits of using Rox Flower Enhancer

  • Extremely powerful flowering booster
  • Massive weight gain for fruiting plants
  • Easy to use – add 3-5ml per litre to your regular feed regime
  • Contains plant growth regulators (PGRs) for increased vitality
  • Rox should be used from the 21st day of flowering and as late as the 35th day.

Re-circulating: Before using Rox make up a fresh nutrient solution. Use 3mls Rox per litre of nutrient solution. Make your solution up to last for one week. Top up nutrient solution as necessary.

Soil Grown Plants: Use 5mls of Rox per litre of nutrient solution

Run to Waste System / Hand Watering: Use 5mls of Rox per litre of nutrient solution. Ensure plants receive Rox for at least 10 days for amazing results.

Rox Flower Enhancer 1L contains ingredients designed to get the very best out of your plants during the flowering cycle. Rox should be used from week 3 till week 5 of flowering and has been formulated to help plants as they begin to accumulate mass.

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