Rockwool Cubes



Rockwool Cubes.

Rockwool cubes are the most widely used medium in hydroponics. Rock wool is an inert substrate suitable for both run-to-waste and recirculating systems. Rock wool is made from molten rock, basalt or ‘slag’ that is spun into bundles of single filament fibres, and bonded into a medium capable of capillary action, and is, in effect, protected from most common microbiological degradation.

Rockwool is typically used only for the seedling stage, or with newly cut clones, but can remain with the plant base for its lifetime. Rock wool has many advantages including its proven efficiency and effectiveness as a commercial hydroponic substrate.

Mineral wool products can be engineered to hold large quantities of water and air that aid root growth and nutrient uptake in hydroponics; their fibrous nature also provides a good mechanical structure to hold the plant stable. The naturally high pH of mineral wool makes them initially unsuitable to plant growth and requires Buffering/conditioning to produce a wool with an appropriate, stable pH.

  • Available in multiple sizes to suit application
  • Inert medium perfect for hydroponics system
  • Great water to air ratio
  • less waste to dispose of when cleaning down
  • Cost effective
  • good for clones and seedlings

Please note that the brand of cubes supplied may differ from pictures due to supply and pricing, if you want a specific brand please contact us and we can make sure you get exactly what you want.

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75mm/3 inch small hole, 75mm /3inch Large hole, 100mm/4 inch small hole, 100mm/4 inch large hole, 150mm/6 inch large hole