Rhino Pro Extraction Fans


Rhino Pro Extraction Fans

The Rhino Pro Extraction Fans are manufactured from reinforced plastic and on particular models steel, which gives the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks and vibration. The Rhino Pro Extraction Fans are an effective low-cost fan that moves a huge amount of air while being quiet and reliable.

Rhino fans are easily installed and removed and come with an easy to fit mounting clamp.

Rhino Fans come hard-wired and are ready to be used straight from the box.

Benefits of the Rhino Fans

  • Speed-controllable ( Fan speed controllers sold separately )
  • Can be installed in any position needed
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Mounting bracket included for easy fitting
  • Perfect for use with Rhino Pro or Hobby Carbon Filters

Rhino products are known for their quality and have become a favourite with all levels of growers, due to their durability, product life and ease of use.

Size           Material           Max Airflow m3/hr

100 mm        Plastic                    280 m3/hr
125 mm        Plastic                    420 m3/hr
150 mm        Plastic                    400 m3/hr
150 mm        Plastic                    760 m3/hr High Power
200 mm        Plastic                    800 m3/hr
200 mm        Plastic                    950 m3/hr High Power
250 mm        Plastic                    1180 m3/hr


How to use the Rhino Pro Extraction Fan

The Rhino Pro Extraction Fans are used to pull or push stale air out of your grow area/Grow tent with a carbon filter. The fan can be installed in your required location either inside or outside your grow area depending on the method you are using. The Rhino Fan can also be used for an intake fan and comes with a mounting bracket provided. Mount the fan so that the air-flow direction arrow is facing away from the carbon filter if using as an exhaust fan with filter, then fit your ducting over the outlet side of the fan and secure it with a Rhino Duct Clip.

If you are using the Rhino Fan with a carbon filter it is important that the carbon filter is rated at a similar airflow as the fan you are using. it comes wired and can be plugged directly in to the mains or for even more control try using a fan-speed controller.

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Weight 5 kg

4" (100mm) 280m3/hr, 5" (125mm) 420m3/hr, 6" (150mm) 400m3/hr, 6" (150mm) 760m3/hr, 8" (200mm) 800m3/hr, 8" (200mm) 950m3/hr, 10" (250mm) 1180m3/hr

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