Rhino Hobby Filter Kit

Quality Carbon Filter Kits By Rhino Hobby and RVK



Rhino Hobby Filter Kit

The Rhino Hobby Filter Kit is a Quality filter kit That will manage your Grow Room air according to the grow room temperature. A strong and maintenance free fan that produces a minimum amount of noise . The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic to help longevity. The fans are easily installed in any position and come completely wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug, ready to use from the box.

  • Rhino Single speed fan – A robust and maintenance-free fan that allows the grower to ventilate their grow room in an efficient manner with a minimum amount of noise.
  • Rhino Hobby Filter   The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter range of filters provides the novice grower with a technologically sophisticated, easy to use filter system. The Rhino Hobby provides flexibility and a longer shelf life due to its unique fully reversible neck and the fact that it’s filled with the highest quality carbon available.
  • Metu Clamps – The ultimate clamp from G.A.S for connecting your ventilation equipment. High quality clamp made out of strong galvanised steel with polyethylene foam. One bolt fixing ensures quick and trouble free fitting.
  • Acoustic Ducting – Triple layered with insulation in the middle, this is the perfect ducting where noise is an issue. With excellent sound insulation properties, it dramatically reduces fan noise and the sound of air travelling through the ducting.
    5 meter length.
  • Rhino Clamps  Jubilee style clamps for connecting ducting to filters and ventilation systems. High quality and Rhino branded, clamps are supplied in packs of two.

Rhino Single speed Fan comes wired and are ready to be used from the box.

  • Single Speed ( fan speed controller available separately)
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • 9 – 12 Month Life Span

Air Flow For Rhino Hobby/RVK Filter Kits

4″ (100mm) 184m3/hr (RVK A1) with 100mm x 300mm Rhino Hobby Filter
5″ (125mm) 220m3/hr (RVK A1) with 125mm x 300mm Rhino Hobby Filter
5″ (125mm) 323m3/hr (RVK L1) with 125mm x 300mm Rhino Hobby Filter
6″ (150mm) 428m3/hr (RVK A1) with 150mm x 300mm Rhino Hobby Filter
6″ (150mm) 720m3/hr (RVK L1) with 150mm x 600mm Rhino Hobby Filter
8″ (200mm) 796m3/hr (RVK A1) with 200mm x 400mm Rhino Hobby Filter
8″ (200mm) 1008m3/hr (RVK L1) with 200mm x 600mm Rhino Hobby Filter
10″ (250mm) 780m3/hr (RVK A1) with 250mm x 600mm Rhino Hobby Filter
10″ (250mm) 1080m3/hr (RVK L1) with 250mm x 600mm Rhino Hobby Filter


4" (100mm) 184m3/hr, 5" (125mm) 220m3/hr, 5" (125mm) 320m3/hr, 6" (150mm) 482m3/hr, 6" (150mm) 720m3/hr, 8" (200mm) 796m3/hr, 8" (200mm) 1008m3/hr, 10" (250mm) 860m3/hr, 10" (250mm) 1080m3/hr, 12" (315mm) 1361m3/hr, 12" (315mm) 1361m3/hr, 12" (315mm) 1361m3/hr