Revolution DEva 1000w HPS



Revolution DEva 1000W HPS DE

The Revolution DEva 1000w HPS Grow Light is a Complete, Integrated Plant Lighting Solution, Made from the finest quality materials these lights are built to last they have the Highest efficiency of any 1000W DE. Making the Revolution DEva 1000w Grow Light a must for your Grow Room.

Growers know—life starts with light. Plants use this crucial input energy (also known as photosynthetically active radiation or PAR) to capture and transform carbon dioxide into plant-usable carbohydrates—the building blocks of life.

When cultivating crops indoors in controlled growing environments, the quality and intensity of the PAR that you deliver to your plants largely determines both the medicinal and nutritional quality and quantity of the harvest. These precious photons form the “fuel” in the engine of your grow room.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, progressive growers are constantly searching for techniques or technology that can help to differentiate them from the pack.

So why not start with quality and intensity of the light itself?

  • Highest efficiency of any 1000W DE
  • Virtually no EMI runs at 100Hz
  • Onboard computer automatically adjusts output power to optimize lamp performance
  • Avionic capacitors rated for 36 years of continuous use
  • Manufactured in ISO certified automotive and aerospace factory
  • Computer controllable with smart software features such as automatic dimming and reporting power outages
  • Dimmable from 600W to 1125W by 1% increments

A completely integrated lighting solution

Pioneering indoor horticulturalists have historically been forced to mix and match different components, often sourced from several manufacturers and suppliers, to create a complete indoor horticultural lighting system. Fortunately, thanks to DEva, those days are behind us.

The Revolution DEva is a completely integrated, plug n’ play, no-compromise plant lighting solution. Our state-of-the-art, low-frequency square wave electronic ballast is built right into the reflector. The reflector houses an Ushio double-ended 1000W HPS lamp—which comes included. All you have to do is plug it in and start growing

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