RadAir Inline Fans



RadAir Inline Fans

Introducing RadAir Inline Fans, a radical new mixed-flow inline fan from ventilation innovators Global Air Supplies.

RadAir is a cost-effective entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. Ideal for beginners, RadAir mixed flow fans offer a high-power, low noise solution without compromising on air delivery.

Great value for money, RadAir fans are a robust, sealed-body unit with built-in mounting brackets designed for easy mounting and cleaning.

Available in six sizes, RadAir fans offer plug & play functionality. The IEC connections make installation and use simple and hassle-free.

Simple. Economical. Radical.

The RadAir 100 is amazing value for money, speed controllable and features a robust sealed body, plug-and-play functionality with no wiring or additional parts required and high levels of air movement. It features a mounting bracket that can be mounted at any angle, which can be removed for cleaning.

The fan comes with an IEC connector to make installation quick and simple.

RADAIR 100mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 200m3/hr

Power: 40w

RADAIR 125mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 200m3/hr

Power: 40w

RADAIR 150mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 500m3/hr

Power: 60w

RADAIR 200mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 850m3/hr

Power: 100w

RADAIR 250mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 1500m3/hr

Power: 200w

RADAIR 315mm Specifications

Max Airflow: 2300m3/hr

Power: 350w

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100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm