Q-Max EC Fans


Q-Max EC Fans

The Q-Max EC fans with EC technology is a turbine or mixed flow fan with the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the best energy consumption level due to the new EC technology motor, together with the 3D rotor-stator system. Q Max EC is a Max Fan Pro Series EC motor integrated into a Silencer. The powerful but silent operation of Q Max EC is the result of the uniform turbulence-free air flow and the continuous, totally noise-free plug and play Can Fan EC Controller for speed or speed & temperature. Up to 10 EC motor fans can be connected and controlled at once using the Can Fan EC Controller.

The silenced Can Q-Max EC fan incorporates the Max Fan Pro Series EC range into an insulated metal casing.

These easy-to-install fans have the highest aerodynamic efficiency due to the new EC technology motor and the 3D rotor-stator system – they provide a uniform, turbulence-free airflow.

The plug and play Can Fan EC controller allows continuous control of the motor for up to 10 Q-Max EC fans.

  • The Q Max EC range of fans are German made, compact, easy to use and clean.
  • Integrated hangers provide for an easy installation.
  • The entire range meets the mandatory ErP requirements for all EU marketed fans.
  • Silent and very powerful
  • Highly efficient
  • Robust metal casing
  • Sound-absorbing acoustic lining
  • Integrated mounting brackets
  • Control up to 10 Fans with one controller
  • Smooth buzz and hum-free speed control


Model            m³/h       dB @ 3m       Power
150mm 716  49 63W
200mm 1203  50 120W
250mm 2000  53 307W
315mm 2850  53 284W
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150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm