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Plant Magic Ignition




Plant Magic Ignition

Plant Magic Ignition is an extremely strong bloom booster that is used during the first few weeks of flower. It’s been  formulated after years of research and development by the team at Plant Magic. When using Ignition you can expect to see an increase in the concentrations of flowering sites, which lay the foundations for bigger and better yields later on. It can also help to speed up the transition from veg to flower.

  • Increases the density of flower clusters
  • Lays the foundations for bigger and better yields
  • Contains powerful bio stimulants and growth hormones
  • Strengthens the size of your flowers, and promotes increased flowering elements
  • Helps to speed up the transiton between veg and flower
  • Covers you for 500 litres of nutrient solution!

Directions for use

  • Use at beginning of bloom phase until flowers have formed
  • Shake well before use
  • Use 2ml per litre
  • For more detailed instructions see our grow schedules online
  • Store away from direct sunlight, between 5 – 25 C. Always replace cap after use.

Once opened use within 6 months for best results.


250ml, 1l, 5l

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