Phillips 315 CMH Lamp 942 Daylight ( VEG )



Phillips 315 CMH Lamp 942 Daylight

The Philips 315w daylight CDM lamps are extremely efficient with a output as close to natural sunlight as possible. Because of this your plants will have minimal stretch between internodes, more flowering sites, and larger root systems, resulting in strong, healthy plant.

Philips 315w CDM bulbs have an operating lifespan of 30,000hrs on average.

They come in two different variations, MasterColour 942 Daylight & GreenPower 930 Agro – both Lamps can be run in the Maxibright 315W Daylight Ballast. They both emit a type of light that is very close to natural sunlight, and plants generally thrive under their full spectrum of light.

They’re available in two different variations

Philips 315W MasterColour 942

  • Daylight (vegative growth) specific lamp
  • Promotes vigorous vegative growth with tight intermodal length
  • Increases taste and aroma of flowering plants
  • Can be used as a total light source for young plants, or as additional lighting alongside HPS lights
  • High efficiency – 1.7 micromoles (µmol) per Watt

Philips 315W GreenPower 930

  • Agro (flowering growth) specific lamp
  • Promotes strong growth and Increased flowing
  • Increases taste and aroma in flowering plants
  • Can be used as a complete light source or alongside HPS  for best results
  • Broarder light spectrum than the 942 Daylight version
  • Very high efficiency – 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt