PH Down 250ml

an 81% solution of phosphoric acid used to lower the ph of nutrient solutions. it is reasonably acidic though not really dangerous, ph down should be handled with care.



Product Description

pH control is essential in any hydroponic system

Plants in hydroponic systems function best with a nutrient solution pH of between 5.8 up to 6.2.

Growth Technology has a full range of control solutions, essential for the management of nutrients in hydroponic systems. These products are manufactured using the purest and most concentrated sources available.

Growth Technologys aggressive liquids come bottled in black and red – the internationally accepted packaging colours for aggressive liquids.

Full compliance with all health and safety regulations.

Growth Technology pH DOWN contains orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4). The concentration is 81%, which is very strong so handle with care. Most other products on the market are considerably weaker, so check the concentration before buying.

This is a very dense liquid and should feel much heavier than water.

Health & Safety:

This liquid needs safe and careful handling:

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling aggressive liquids
  • Always store in locked cupboards
  • pH UP and pH DOWN should be diluted before use