Origin Dripper Systems (Wilma)



Origin Pot Dripper systems (Wilma)

The Origin Dripper Systems (Wilma) are an amazing self contained dripper system available in many sizes and configurations.

The pots are filled with your chosen growing medium, you set the timer to the desired feeding duration and frequency, and a pump delivers nutrient solution through the drippers into the pots. Perfect if you want the familiarity of pots and the increased yields produced by plants fed little and often.

  • Improved spacing between pots
  • A handy nutrient mixing tap
  • Easier access to the reservoir
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs
  • comes with pump, drippers and all the pipe needed to get growing!



XXL 5 115 x 115cm 150L tank

5 x 25L pots

XXL 9 115 x 115cm 150L tank

9 x 18L pots

XXL 16 115 x 115cm 150L tank

16 x 11L pots

XXL 20 115 x 115 150L tank

20 x 6L pots

Wide 10 120 x 60 cm 85L tank

10 x 6L pots

Duo Slab 120 x 60 85L tank

Fits 2 x Rockwool slabs (Not Included)


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XXL 5, XXL 9, XXL 16, XXL 20, Wide 10, Duo Slab