Omega MDF Contactor Boards



Omega MDF Contactor Board

Omega MDF Contactor Boards safely turn on and operate a number of mains plugs along side some aux sockets. Control all appliances, fixtures, and lighting within your grow room in one easy space. Larger boards also come with an integrated timer and heater, which offer even further control over growing conditions and energy usage.

Safe and efficient

Omega MDF Contactor Boards allow multiple appliances to be plugged in, in a much safer alternative to extension leads and power cubes. Each plug has its own individual on/off switch to effortlessly control grow room equipment and conserve energy.

Where to use MDF Contactor Board?

Use in all spaces that require multiple plug fixtures. Perfect in grow rooms where growers require multiple lights and fans.

Why choose MDF Contactor Board?

The inclusion of a timer switch on these boards greatly reduces the risk of power surges and protects plants from overheating and light burn.

With the Contactor board, growers are able to store all plugs and controls in one place.

  • MDF Contactor Board;
  • 6-26 UK plug socket fixtures;
  • Overload protection: protects against power surges, light burn, and overheating;
  • Keeps wires tidy and easy to identify.

Made from MDF

Use indoors or outdoors inside a weatherproof box.

How many sockets

6 way + 4 aux, 12 way + 2 aux, 16 way + 2 aux, 16 way + 4aux and heater socket, 20 way + 4 aux and 1 heater socket, 24 way + 8 aux and MCB, 24 way + 4 aux, 26 way + 2 aux