Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack)

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Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack)

Optimise plant growth and save with the Omega Clone 36 umol/s LED strips. Grow spaces of any size will thank you for this cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to fluorescent lighting. With over double the lifetime of a standard fluorescent tube and over 60% more efficient, the Omega Clone LED is a fantastic choice for both growers and grow rooms.

Energy Efficient

The Clone LED is 60% more efficient than standard fluorescent lighting. Making your grow setup more efficient whilst maintaining the best atmosphere.

Great Lifespan

Up to 54,000 hours of performance the Clone LED doesn’t need to be replaced after a few uses, like more traditional lighting solutions. Creating a consistent atmosphere that you can rely on.

Multiple Lighting Solution

With the ability to daisy chain up to 100 strips running on a 20 amp circuit, the Clone LED is a great solution for both big and small grow spaces and gives the grower consistent light coverage.

How to use the Clone LED?

Mounting the Omega 18W Clone LED Light 8 – 12 inches above the canopy is the most effective way to provide the ideal PPF. Spacing the strips 10 – 12 inches apart from each other provides the correct coverage for your grow.

Why choose Clone LED?

Optimise your plant growth and save with the Clone LED light. A compact, high-efficient and long-lasting solution for your grow room. The lighting strips are over 60% more efficient than a fluorescent lighting set up and provide young plants everything needed to thrive during the early stages of their grow.

Clone LED Specifications

Input Power: 18W
Efficiency: 2 µmol/J
PPF: 36µmol/s
Input Voltage Autosensing: 100–277V (auto sensor)
Mounting Height: 8–12″
Lifetime: ‹54,000hrs
Beam Angle: 120°
Chip: Samsung Diodes
Setup: Daisy chain up to 100 strips on a 20 amp circuit