OCD DEO Max Cubes

The OCD DEO MAX cubes are a marvellous shape. It’s a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, 12 edges, and eight vertices. The cube is also a square parallelepiped, an equilateral cuboid and a right rhombohedron. For these exact reasons, we chose the cube to be used as our agent of smell distribution (Just like GAS distributes us across the country). The perfect team!

Why an OCD cube?

Along with the marvellous reasons above, the OCD cube has a great habit of lasting for a long time. Specifically, when the OCD cube is added to places such as inside ducting pieces where moving air can dry out traditional smell blocks, the cube is resilient and doesn’t budge from its odour protection duties.

If we do say so ourselves, the real genius is that the cube has a super slow wicking system. This ensures a consistent output of odour neutralising DEO MAX and for the OCD Lemon, Bubblegum, Fresh linen and Orange, a steady fragrance into your odorous areas. So in a cube-shaped nutshell, why should you use the OCD cube?

They last the longest.

How to use:

1) Open the lid in a clockwise manner, remembering the vital lesson that physics teaches us:

“Lefty is to loosy, righty is to tighty.”

– Collins, I. 1765, ‘Exploring the effects of over-tightening and under-tightening OCD lids for commercial and domestic appliances, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 175-194.

2) Unwrap the OCD cube from its ‘keep it fresh’ packaging, recycle the packaging please, we want the world to smell better, but you also want to make it a better place of course.

3) Place the cube in a spot of odorous misfortune and await OCD to work its magic. Hey presto, you’re a nasal passage warrior! Congratulations you hero.

Perfect for office toilets

Leave a cube in the loo, to cover up any smells that you, or anyone else, might leave behind.

We’ve recently heard rumours that in places where ducting is a standard feature, some nasal passage warriors have been taking OCD cubes and SAS-like skill, placing them within the ducting… We’re not sure who started this tradition, all we know is that when OCD cubes are used this way, odours and smells have been banished and cause no problems for their neighbours.

For the OCD fellas reading this, we all love a bit a blue don’t we. So freshen up your space with an OCD original cube and give your room that bit of blue it deserves. The DEO MAX from OCD Original is raw, it pulls no punches and tells it how it is. Original DEO MAX doesn’t like pomp or ceremony, it’s here to do one job, and that’s to destroy the bad smells. The purest DEO MAX you can buy, the SAS of smell assassins, leaves no trace and will fight the foul odours for weeks at a time.

Like our OCD gels, the OCD blocks are available in all the scents from the OCD original to the OCD bubblegum.

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Original, Fresh Linen, Bubblegum, Orange, Lemon