Mills Nutrients C4


Mills Nutrients C4

Mills Nutrients C4 is an advanced bloom stimulator designed to assist the plants’ delivery of carbohydrates, macro and micronutrients, and trace minerals to developing flowers and facilitate the triggering and maturation of complex essential oils appropriate for the early and mid stages of flower development.

When used with Basis A&B it alters the NPK to have a higher phosphorus and potassium levels to help initiate growth of fruits and flowers. C4 is predominately organic and has zero biological activity, allowing it to work in conjunction with beneficial biologics to feed tender flower sites and maintain overall health of the plant.

Mills C4 works quickly and efficiently to trigger dramatic growth in the flowering phase, giving you a high success rate in producing massive yields.

It works to produce rapid onset of flowers in the early and middle stages of flowering, which results in heavier produce that is rich in essential oils.

C4 is high in phosphorous and potassium which are mainly used in the production and ripening of flowers, to ensure that you get the maximum amount of flowers possible.

It delivers much needed macro and micro nutrients, carbohydrates, and trace minerals to developing flowers, to aid the production of oil and sugars.

Using beneficial microorganisms at root sites to transfer nutrients, it works to organically break down dead root material and turn it into carbohydrates which are fed back into the plant.

C4 does this by using a combination of L-Amino acids, Humic/Fulvic acid, and cold-pressed seaweed which is naturally high in Auxins and Cytokinin. It also uses this blend of organic and mineral fertilizer components so therefor develop denser and faster growing plants.

This product is supplemented with trace elements of humates and fulvates which activate and boost the production of flowerheads.

Benefits of using C4

  • Quicker and more abundant fruit set
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  • Increased oil and sugar production
  • Development of denser, harder and heavier fruit and flowers
  • Can be used in all grow mediums
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250ml, 1L, 5L