Maxibright Horizon Connect 315w CDM Grow Light Kit ( Flower )




Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM Grow Light Kit.

The Daylight 315 ballast system uses an advanced electronic ballast to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W EL and Philips MASTERColour CDM- TMW Elite Agro 315W EL lamps for excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed.

Essentially at 315w this light can get provide better quality results than a lot of 600w HPS kits.

Daylight lamps are extremely efficient Philips ceramic Metal Halide lamps with a spectral output that is close to natural sunlight. As a result, plants form more lateral branches and internodal spacing from day one for strong, healthy growth and high quality yields.

Dimensions 270mm x 185mm x 75mm.

• Connect the Daylight iLink power pack to a Revolution RLC-1 controller

• Easy connect, iLink port

• Soft start technology

• End of lamp life detection

• Dynamic frequency control

• Short circuit protection

• Thermal protection, auto reset

• Silent and lightweight

• Simply connect each power pack together using the supplied iLink cables

• The iLink power pack can also be used independently, without connection to a Revolution RLC-1 controller


Phillips Daylight CDM/CMH 315W Lamp.

Philips daylight CDM/CMH lamps are extremely efficient ceramic metal halide lamps with a spectral output close to natural sunlight. As a result, plants form more lateral branches, have smaller inter-nodal spacing, more flowering sites and larger root systems, culminating in strong, healthy growth and high quality yields.

• Prevent stretching & encourage much higher growth

• More natural formation of branch inter-nodes for increased plant mass

• Ideal as both supplementary and stand alone lighting

• Highly efficient – puts out 1.9 micromole (umol) per watt of electricity

• Extremely high PAR levels


Horizon Reflector.

The compact size of the Horizon wide-angle reflector from Maxibright has excellent light output, uniformity and diffusion. The Horizon Daylight reflector is manufactured from highly reflective aluminium which is formed around the lamp to provide high PAR levels of light over a wide area. This provides your plants with a full spectrum of light ensuring plants are healthy and happy with high yields, whatever the weather.

The Horizon Connect offers all the qualities of the Horizon reflector but with the added flexibility to “Connect” the Daylight 315W power pack directly to the Horizon Connect wide angle reflector or continue to use the power pack and reflector remotely.


Kit Contains

1 x MaxiBright Daylight 315w Ballast

1 x Daylight Connect Reflector

1 x 315w CMH Veg Lamp