Maxibright Daylight Pro 1030W LED


Maxibright Daylight Pro 1030W LED

Maxibright Daylight Pro 1030W LED Systems have been born from over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and developing cutting-edge indoor grow light technology.

DAYLIGHT Lighting Systems offer a professional solution for every grower; consistently optimal performance, unrivalled efficiency and a proven track record in manufacturing high-quality plant lighting products.

The new Maxibright Daylight Pro1030W LED Pro uses a ten bar system to ensure uniform coverage (PPFD) is given across the plant canopy perfectly in 1.8 x 1.8 metre area. Providing a blisteringly high PPF of 2781 and a fixture efficiency of 2.7 is the high quality Osram red and LUMLED white chips. This powerful combination of led chips ensures a full spectrum of light with enhanced red spectrum which improves your plants growth and quality.

Benefits of the Daylight LED

  • Full spectrum light output
  • Osram and LUMLED LED chips
  • Includes remote dimmer
  • 25% – 50% – 75% – 100% power
  • Enhanced flowering with added red light
  • Ideal for up to a 1.8m x 1.8m area
  • Cool running
  • Energy efficient, low heat output
  • No fans or moving parts, silent running
  • Outstanding uniformed light coverage
  • 480W, 480W Pro, 600W, 600W Pro, 1030W and 1030W Pro available

We Recommend the use of a PPFD Meter to help you get the light the correct distance from the canopy, this is essential to get the best results and efficiency from your light fixture.

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