Maxibright 600w Digital Grow Light Kit



Maxibright 600w Digital Grow Light Kit

Adj​ustable from ​​​​​​250w-660w using the same ballast shade and lamp

The Maxibright 600w Digital Grow Light Kit has four adjustable power settings for continuous flexibility during the whole growing and flowering cycles, utilise space in your grow room with out compromising on performance.

The New Varidrive is light weight, small in size and runs silently. only your plants will know its there. Manufactured from high quality components the Varidrive is efficient, reliable and digital drives all lamps perfectly.

Varidrive 600w features.

  • Four adjustable power modes, 250w, 400w, 600w and boost.
  • compact and light weight
  • short circuit safety protection
  • runs high pressure sodium and metal halide.
  • Includes 600w dual spectrum lamp.
  • Includes Maxibright euro reflector with 5m iec cord.

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