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LUXX 645w LED Grow Tent kit


Available on back-order

£1,800.00 £1,989.95

Available on back-order

LUXX 645w LED Grow Tent kit.


We bring to you the best LED tent kit bundle available in the UK! The LUXX 645w LED grow Tent kit

The Legendary Duo of LUXX Lightings 645w LED PRO and ATHENA Nutrients along with everything else you need to set up and get growing like the Pro’s!

With this Comprehensive Bundle you are covered from propagation to Harvest and everything in-between.

Enviroment is key! which is why this kit provides you with an extraction kit along with a thermostatic fan controller to ensure your grow tents temperature stays in the sweet spot! The BUDBOX Pro white lined tent is one of the very best tents on the market, and with the the white lining provides amazing reflectivity so you make the most of every photon created by The Commercial Quality LUXX 645w LED PRO which will provide your plants with the perfect spectrum of light. This perfect light spectrum paired with the full nutrient profile of Athena Nutrients Blended line gives your plants everything needed for fast growing, healthy, heavy plants!

What’s in the Kit?

  • Budbox pro 1.5 x 1.5 x 2m white lined tent
  • Luxx 645w LED PRO 
  • Athena Nutrients blended line comprising of:- 1gal grow A+B, 1gal Bloom A+B, 1gal PK, 1gal Cleanse, 32oz calmag, 32oz Stack, 32oz Balance
  • 150mm RVK & Rhino pro filter kit with 5m of acoustic ducting
  • AC1 fan controller
  • Root!t Small Propagation kit
  • analogue light timer
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • 1 x Pearlagro Coco Flores 50l
  • 4 x 12L Fabric pots
  • EC pen
  • PH pen
  • 4 x 30cm saucers
  • 1.5m scrog net
  • clip on Oscillating fan
  • 3 x Ratchet Hangers
  • 20L bucket
  • 1L Jug
  • Smart Co2 bag