Lumii Solar 315w Pro CMH Lamp


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Lumii Solar 315w Pro CMH Lamp

The Lumii Solar 315w Pro CMH Lamp is a Ceramic-Discharge Metal-Halide (CDM) lamp that delivers a light spectrum that’s much closer to natural sunlight than typical high intensity discharge (HID) systems. These state-of-the art lamps generate a greater level of useable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation) and run with a blinding intensity that’s immediately apparent to the naked eye.

The LUMii SOLAR 315W CDM lamps boast low power consumption and heat output and they produce a very high-quality end product.

The LUMii SOLAR PRO CDM is a lamp which provides a compact and efficient metal halide answer for the horticultural market. This lamp, combined with the professional ballast, provides exceptional growth light performance over the life span of the product. This lamp is double-jacketed for added safety.

The lamp is optimised for flowering with enhanced reds, but because it’s full-spectrum, it will produce the goods in both grow stages – expect to see increased growth rates, tighter internodes and an improvement in overall vigour.

The colour temperature of 3200K makes the LUMii SOLAR PRO CDM perfect for all stages of growth from start to finish.

  • Creates a light spectrum that plants Thrive under
  • Can be used as a standalone lighting source or a supplemental light alongside HPS lighting
  • LUMii Solar 315w CDM Pro Lamp is perfect for Flowering
  • For use with LUMii Solar 315w CMH lighting fixtures
  • Lower power consumption and reduced heat output compared to HPS lighting
  • Life span of 20,000 hours
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