LUMii Black Digital 600w Grow Light Kit

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The Lumii Black Digital 600w Grow Light kit is assembled with growers in mind, Giving growers full control over there lighting system, Lumii Lighting come with professional equipment so expect all features like soft start technology, super lumen, fast lamp re-strike etc.

The LUMii Black Digital 600w Grow Light Kit Kit consist off a Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Ballast, LUMii 600 Watt Dual Spectrum Lamp and a Euro Reflector

LUMii Digital Ballast 600 Watt

LUMii Digital ballast use cutting edge electronic science to enable the most efficient way possible to run HPS or MH lighting saving you money on your electricity bills. LUMii Ballast have 4 Stage Settings from small plants right up to Full Flowering plants, these settings are – 250 Watts, 400 Watts, 600Watts , 660 Watts.

Small plants do not require high levels of lighting so by choosing the 250 Watt Settings on the your Digital Ballast and place the lamp 18 inches above the tops of your plants you will save money in electricity bills by only using 250 watts of power, as your plants progress into aggressive vegative stage only then do you increase this to 400 Watt Settings, then 600 Watt setting once in flowering phase.

LUMii Ballast really are state of the Art Ballasts with 99% Efficiency and features such as, Soft Start Technology, Fast Lamp Re-Strike, Super Lumen Technology and off course many safety features.


  • 99% Efficeincy Ballast
  • Fast Lamp Re Strike
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Super lumen Technology
  • Digital Smart Start ignition Control
  • Full circuit Protection
  • 4 Power Mode Settings
  • Low Running Temperture
  • Ideal for a 1.2 x 1.2 Grow Tent
  • Cool Running Ballast
  • RF Shielded
  • Hot Lamp Detection
  • Strikes Both MH and HPS Lamps
  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment

LUMii Dual Spectrum 600 Watt Lamp

The LUMII HPS Lamps are suitable for Digital high frequency ballasts, and other magnetic ballasts.

The LUMii HPS lamp has been designed specifically for use with digital ballasts. giving out as much light as possible with a staggering of upto 1100 Micromoles of grow light (600 Watt Lamp), These lamps can be also be used on magnetic ballasts

The LUMii HPS also features super lumen Technology which offers upto 95,000 lumens. It has an arc tube designed for optimal output when fed from a digital ballast, and the wire frame has been re-inforced so the lamp can handle the acoustic resonance which can be generated from the high frequency at which digital ballasts run.


  • Super Lumen Technology
  • Lumens up to 95.000
  • Grow light 838 Micromoles
  • Voltage: 230

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