Lumii 1000w 400v Digital Grow Light Kit

£194.95 £219.95


Take Your indoor garden to the next level and Boost your Yields with the Lumii 1000w 400v Light kit

The LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Grow Light Kit gives you professional level, powerful 1000w lighting at a fantastically competitive price. A study, cool running 1000w 400v ballast that powers a double ended LUMii HPS lamp with 4 selectable modes from 600w right the way up to 1150w.

A euro style reflector pushes light down to your plants, it’s highly reflective dimpled aluminum surface distributing the light evenly and eliminating hot spots.This is the perfect kit for a cost consious grower looking to get the most out of their plants and is ideal to cover a 1.5m x 1.5m area.

Benefits of the Lumii 1000w 400v Light Kit

  • Reliable 1000w performance at a Fantastic price
  • Switchable between 600w, 750w, 1000w and 1100w
  • 400v high frequency technology
  • High Output Lumii 400v 1000watt Double Ended Lamp
  • Lumens: 140,000
  • Colour Temp: 2000K
  • Life Hours: 10,000


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