LightHouse Oil Filled Radiator 1KW


LightHouse Oil Filled Radiator 1KW

Looking for a compact but powerful radiator? Then look no further. The LightHouse Oil Filled Radiator 1KW are available in two sizes – 1000w and 2000w.

The LightHouse Oil Filled Radiator is designed to heat your grow room and take the chill from your plants when your lights are off and during the colder months of the year, your grow room will require additional heating to stay at the optimum temperature. This will help with plant growth allowing you to get the best results possible in your garden.

We would recommend you always warm your Grow Room for around 30-45 mins before lights go out, ensuring there is not a drop in temperature. When this happens, the amount of water the air can hold as humidity drops, leading to water condensation on plants which can cause them to rot, particularly in the later stages and during ripening

Benefits of using a LightHouse Heater

  • Oil filled no fans to dry out your environment
  • Has 9 oil filled fins for even heat dispersal
  • Adjustable thermostat with in-built over heating protection
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Can be used with the Lighthouse wireless Thermostat

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