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LEDSTAR 26w Propagation kit



LEDSTAR 26w Propagation kit.

The LEDSTAR 26w Propagation kit is The perfect set up for someone wanting to take cuttings/Clones or to bring on seedlings, the kit comes with a 26w Clone LED and a large Hard top propagator that will fit a whole tray of 1 inch rockwool cubes. the plug and play led puts out a great amount of light for small plants and can either be sat directly on top of the propagator or mounted to the top of a shelf or tent depending on how you like to work. 2 of these kits will fit nicely into a DP90 propagation tent giving you a great deal of seedlings/cuttings in a small space.

Kit contains

1 x LEDSTAR 26w Clone LED

1 x Hard top Propagator  58 x 38 x 24 cm

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