LEDSTAR 26W CLONE Propagation LED.

The LEDSTAR 26W Clone Propagation LED Provides Multiple Lighting Solution Ideal for grow spaces of all sizes, the LEDSTAR 26W Clone LED, has the ability to daisy chain up to 30 strips! Giving the grower consistent light coverage.

Energy Efficient Make your grow setup more energy efficient with the LEDSTAR 26W Clone LED, which Is 60% more efficient than standard fluorescent lighting.

Long Lasting The LEDSTAR 26W Clone LED, has up to 50,000 hours of performance, meaning you do not need to replace after a few uses like more traditional lighting solutions.

Product Specifications.

Power Consumption: 26W/240V

Horticultural Driverless LED Efficiency: 2.3 μmol/J

Lifetime: 50,000 hours / Loss after 30,000 = -20%

Spectrum: 8262K Multiple Lighting Solution: up to 30 lights can be daisy-chained together

Size: 520 x 40 x 30mm Weight: 360g